Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5 | Week 7 Challenges Guide

Week 7 is much Slurp!

We hope you don't mind being in Slurpy Swamp, as many of these quests are oriented around it for Week 7! You also need to get some eliminations fast for one of the challenges, as some of them revolved around shields.

Week 7 Challenges Guide

The 15.20 update has dropped, so Week 7 challenges have appeared! Each week players are given seven Epic quests and one Legendary Quest they have to complete. The seven Epic quests are not time-limited; however, the Legendary quest is, always gun for that first!

One of the eight quests will always be a Legendary quest, and you'll earn a whopping 55,000 XP for finishing the first stage, then 22,000 XP for completing the next four. Luckily, this Legendary quest can be done with multiple players involved, of course, depending on what the quest is.

  • Legendary
    • 55,000 XP for the first stage.
    • 22,000 XP for the remaining four.
  • Epic
    • 20,000XP

Just for the heads up, you cannot do any Epic quests unless they show up for you on your challenge list. Complete the quests you have first, and then new challenges will replace those.

Week 7

Remember to finish off your Legendary quest, as that is the only one that is time-limited! The full list of challenges - we have information on - is available here, at our Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5 Guide – Challenges & Information article!

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  1. As a bot lobby player. I strongly dislike this Legendary Quest. I like my cave better. I’ll probably fill Team Rumble, mute my sound, and stay AFK. I don’t care if I get eliminated over and over

  2. these challenges seem easy to do in team rumble as you can easily land slurpy and get 1000% chest spawn and get shield and then when you respawn get a kill with no shield.

  3. It says “Week 6” right above where the challenges are listed. Shouldn’t that say Week 7 instead?

    1. Yes, it should! Thanks for that!